This summer I saw many t-shirts with prints inspired by paintings. A favorite was Matisse, which Fauvist artist had a large exhibition in the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam last year. Matisse is a favorite by fashion designers, because of his clear cut out forms and his use of color. These cut out forms are part of his later work. After he quits painting he began to cut out forms and composed them in collages. The first famous fashion designer who’s work is largely inspired by art, is Yves Saint Laurent. He was a collector of modern art by himself. Last summer we saw also the work of Alice+Olivia inspired by the work of Matisse. Color blocking as well as pattern against pattern combinations are in fashion for seasons. It’s a very optimistic trend. I see also a tendency towards forms from nature. Modernism in Art wanted to be new over and over again. The work of Matisse has proven to be modern then, now and forever in fashion.