I walked through Milan and watched the windows of the great fashion houses lately. Where D&G was showing plant forms on mummi like dresses there Prada was showing classical figures in “Delft Blue” (in a procession) fighting on white blouses. If we follow the trends we are going back to nature in it’s purest form. We are going to fight like ancient Greeks and Romans at Prada and going back to nature at D&G. The form of plants is maybe the most clear trend, and we see it copied also in the low end stores.

See the trend of ‘fighting figures’ at Prada also on http://www.thesartorialist.com post named On the Street…Those Prada shirts, Milan & Paris. This post is from the 16th of August.

When I think of plants I think also of botanical gardens, ordening species and collecting butterflies. The Belgian artist Marcel Broodthaers brought plants to the room of a museum and was fascinated by the ordening of images (and words). Also the video artist Nam June Paik introduces (fake) plants in the museum. (The plant as decorative (sometimes flat) form, we find for instance in the work of Matisse, Georgia O’Keeffe and in the decorative arts of the Jugendstil and art deco period and earlier by the ancient Egyptians, Romans an Greeks).