Earlier I wrote about Landmarks in the Woods. These Landmarks were numbers written on stones to define land property. This time I photographed the Watermarks at Schloss Pillnitz (Dresden). You can see here a kind of history in the markings of the high waterlevels of the river Elbe by year. It’s interesting to think about, that the different water levels run parallel to events in history. It’s more literally than when you see an old building that consists of stones without markings. The markings or signs of time are unwritten (in the form of a building) always there, but you have to read and know to explore and imagine their history.

They want to draw a parallel between now and then by the resemblance in the hand written marks and sign boards. It’s if they want to falsify the signature of the past. They want to continue the past, and it happened unfortunately in 2002. The waterlevels were in 2002 as high as in 1845. The past repeated itself (in watermarks and waterlevels).