Penchant for nostalgia; to the time of hats, baroque frames, the clear signs of the American dream, flower dresses and… Graffiti or street art? All windows tell something about the ordening of objects in space and also about the penchant for nostalgia these days. Is “His Masters Voice”, the voice of history or still the voice of our time? We like to idealize at least a part of history by the display of beautiful handcrafted objects, as we like the aesthetics of for example the tv series Downton Abbey. Maybe we understand (the aesthetics of) the past better now than we understand our own time. The aesthetics of the past are at least familiar to us.

(Dog named Nipper, sign of His Masters Voice – Former British record label. Design for the dog who is listening to the voice of his master through the speaker is from the artist Francis Barraud)