This presentation shows photographs, as if these were postcards, but of a non-touristic destination amidst of nature. Of course there are lots of tourists in Como and in some places directly at the lake, but in the mountains on the north side of the lake you see almost no one. You can find in the mountains thick chestnut trees of 150-200 years old and they are still throwing chestnuts every year. The colour scheme is exceptional in this time of the year and if the sun shines the trees are glowing orange, yellow, red and still a bit of green. The colours of autumn form a complementary contrast with the colour of the lake. In the mountains people were roasting their chestnuts in an open fire. That’s a practical solution when you found 7 kg of chestnuts, but live in an apartment on the fourth floor. Back in my apartment, I keep dreaming about nature and (the smell of) an open fire. What remains are the pictures, or my individual postcards.