I live in Milan, but I miss the vintage shops of my hometown so much, for books, clothes and little design objects. It sounds maybe a bit strange, because Milan is the city of high fashion. Milan is also a very expensive city, not only for daily living, but also for buying clothes. I personally think that taste has nothing to do with spending lots of money, but with creativity and having an eye for aesthetics. I like second hand clothes in general (for the aesthetic as well as for the environment) and especially the period of 1930-1940. Unfortunately I can’t effort these kinds of clothes from the exclusive vintage shops in Milan. In the Netherlands I have bought a wool jacket, a new old stock Levi’s 501 and trousers from Yves Saint Laurent, for a very good price.

The last time a went to the Netherlands I bought many books of great authors, e.g. from Pere Gimferrer, Susan Sontag, Italo Svevo, August Strindberg, Cees Nooteboom and a catalogue of the exhibition Chambres d’Amis held in 1986 in Gent (Belgium).

I red first the book named ‘Fortuny’ by Pere Gimferrer and was impressed by his descriptions of Venice and paintings. I like the atmosphere of Venice and wanted to go there once in this period of time, but with these lively descriptions I can stay at home, when it is raining outside. I appreciate authors who describe very secure and lively, almost like poetry. In the Netherlands Cees Nooteboom is a great example of this style of writing. My interest for the character Fortuny is based on my visits to his house in Venice, where is situated now a museum with modern art and some interesting pleated creations of the fashion designer Fortuny. It is an impressive palazzo with great modern art (painting, sculpture, light design, photography and fabrics) on show.