Kathatina Hinsberg, Gitter/Linien, colour pencil on paper, cut out, 150x120cm, 2015
Katharina Hinsberg, Davis, colour pencil on paper, cut out, 30×30 cm, 2013
Katharina Hinsberg, Netz, Graphite on paper, cut out, 100×80 cm, 2015


Today I will write about the work of Katharina Hinsberg (1967), which is now on show at Bernhard Knaus Fine Art in Frankfurt am Main. The works of Hinsberg are very intimate and explore the possibilities of drawing in its broadest sense and even extend the possibilities of drawing by cutting and constructing anew. Hinsberg makes use of different materials like graphite, Indian ink and paper and researches not only these materials, but also movement and spatial conditions.

At first sight some drawings look like compositions made out of textile, because of their fragility, but instead they are cut out forms that follow the precedent drawing on paper very secure. Through cutting, the drawings are coming sometimes a little of the wall and move with the passing of visitors in the exhibition. The repeating structure in the work ‘Gitter/Linien’ (2015) reminds of the works of the Dutch artist Jan Schoonhoven (1914-1994) an artist of the Nul (Netherlands) movement. The aspect of handwriting and drawing in the work of Hinsberg reminds me of the work of Corrie de Boer (1932), a Dutch artist who works partly in the tradition of Schoonhoven. Hinsberg varies in the use of a clear repeating geometric structure in the work of ‘Gitter/Linien’ (2015) and organic structures in for example the work ‘Netz’ (2015), but exceptional is that both have a handwritten/hand cut quality.

Instead of only constructing reliefs and drawings, like Schoonhoven did, in the work of Hinsberg the cycle or sequence of ‘construction’, ‘deconstruction’ and again ‘construction’ play a very important role. The ‘construction’ begins with a subtle and personal drawing on paper in often thin lines, then Hinsberg cuts the drawing out, but instead of destroying it, she gives the drawing a new life in her final construction. The cut out drawing has become a new, autonomous work of art, with a new and light (loose from the paper and into open space) quality.


You can visit this exibition until the 28th of January.


Niddastrasse 84

D-60329 Frankfurt / Main