On this grey winter day I observed the colourful windows in Milan after a while again. Around Christmas the shops are exceptional well decorated. I saw interesting scenes on the streets and in the windows of some shops in Milan and sometimes both interacted with each other. I saw an old man (before a in Japanese style decorated window) and a young Japanese lady passing by a window. The old man bent, with a cigarette and the lady bent over her smartphone. Two different times or generations and two different cultures met each other in the same street. I saw also Christmas trees outside on the street as well as inside in some shops. I saw a comeback of knit and the act of knitting (feminine stereotyped), but also the cosiness of the warm interior with an old leather chair, a whisky and a cigar (manly stereotyped).

The influence of traditional Japan and their tradition of clothing, fabrics and folding techniques are still very present. Maybe the exhibition in Palazzo Reale of Hokusai, Hiroshige and Utamaro is from an influence. D&G present a nativity scene of ceramic figures, freely arranged and stepped out of the bible and in some places they present a heavy decorated (Last Supper) Christmas table with fruit and other colourful things. I saw also space figures and a play with light and scale (small and large figures and a large pullover and mushroom). The materials cardboard, paper and wood were very present. There were minimalist clothes (often not interacting with bombastic Christmas decoration), but also decorated patterned clothes (with influences from other cultures). The combination of the colours red and white was very present, with gold as decorative background. Speak to the New Year through one of the golden microphones!