The springtime is sometimes coming in Milan for a few days. Those are the days when your pullover and winter jacket seem at once much too thick and warm. Every spring I have the feeling that I shall again walk along the sea. The Italians say: ‘passeggiare lungo mare’. ‘Lungo Mare’ are just two short words, but signify for me a poem, because I imagine very quickly all the springtime walks along the coast of Cinque Terre (five grounds) I made. What is so beautiful in spring is that it is quiet, you can discover different sorts of plants (you see the flowers awake), you see the sea and rocks from above and that the light is changing during the day. When I begin to walk, I walk from place to place, along the whole coast. (Sometimes even through private gardens and vineyards). Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso. With every step, your perspective (on a village) and nature changes. Sometimes the landscape is open and another time more closed. It’s to liberate your mind and observe literally the new season. Once I walked the same way along the coast and the winter came from one moment to another back, pared with snow and a heavy storm from the sea. That was a different experience. But for now, I hope to see the sea soon in springtime.