While the weather is getting better these days, the fashion is changing in the windows of the fashion houses in Via Monte Napoleone and Via della Spiga in Milan. It’s always interesting to see how these fashion houses present their collections. Although everything is possible in fashion now (even bad taste, whatever it may be), you can clearly observe some tendencies. The seventies are still visible in the windows in patterns, cut and the use of colour (for example orange). The patterns are influenced by a lot of traditions from different cultures and periods. I saw patterns from India, China, out of the seventies and lots and lots of flowers (flower power). One or two flowers are mystified on a bag, but at another house also applied in repeating graphic patterns.

The colours orange, pink, green, black and white are dominant in the windows at the moment. Different designers have independent from each other designed an orange seventies inspired dress with a pleated skirt. Gucci is nowadays very popular by the select fashion audience, but if you are creative and go to some second hand shops, you are able to arrange a similar ensemble of non-conformist combinations of clothes. It’s not new or refreshing. It almost are becoming stereotypes here: a Chanel inspired tennis like garment from the eighties in white and red, a disco outfit with flare trousers and a patterned blouse, etc. You can find all these stereotypes in the better second hand shop.

Flowers and leaves are still a big trend (and now also monkeys and jungle animals). At Max Mara a pullover gets almost a grass like appearance (texture) and the displayed raccoon is executed in black and white (the other trend). Drawing like landscape motives traditionally from China, are used on a jacket and a dress from Valentino and on another dress from a different designer. It’s interesting to see how many designers are working simultaneously on comparable ideas.

Hopefully flower power is not only a ‘revival trend’ in fashion, but influences also world politics.