A week ago I visited Sardinia. It was my first visit to this interesting Italian island. For a period now, I read about the sea and authors who described the sea in their individual and particular way. I didn’t see the sea for the first time, as Adalbert Stifter (described) when he visited Trieste, but the sea still fascinates me. Maybe I am so fascinated by the sea, because my father grew up on a Dutch Island (Vlieland) and I visited this Island many times during my childhood. On many Islands I find the contrast between the romanticism of the sea as a decor of a boulevard and the sea accompanied by rough nature (sometimes a little dangerous and sinister) interesting. On Sardinia on one hand you have the boulevard at Alghero (to see and to be seen) and on the other hand you find rough cliffs with wild vegetation and the sea in depth at your feet. These are parts of Sardinia, where you find almost no other person at this time of the year, only beautiful flowers and herbs.