It is not so common to introduce objects to the art world, which are interactive (in real life and space). Most of the time the viewer is a passive receptor of art and the artwork needs a certain level of contemplation to be watched and understood.

In the work or installation of the artist Erwin Wurm in the Austrian pavilion on the Venice Biennale the viewer is able to participate in (on/out/under, through) a mise en scene of objects. (This is called ‘action based art’). The artist gives the viewer technical, but humoristic drawings at the places you are able to stretch a leg out of a caravan, stand upon a jerry can or hang out on a kitchen.

The visitors are initially a little reserved when they enter the exhibition space, but after a few minutes they are enthusiastic to take place in the personal installation or mise en scene of Erwin Wurm. Then they enter the world of Erwin Wurm, with cartoonish instructive drawings and a caravan with nostalgic (or vintage) chairs and seventies wallpaper. For a moment it feels like childhood again. Kids are open minded to discover places and play with the materials they have found. But who is exactly the kid? Erwin Wurm or the viewer, or maybe both? Wurm creates with his work the opportunity to play as a kid again…. But dont’t forget, it’s just for one minute.

Erwin Wurm, Austrian Pavilion, curated by Christa Steinle Venice Biennale until the 26th of November, Venice, Giardini.